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Co-Authored Book on the History of Brewers & Bottlers in Richmond, VA

Helped Rebrand Colonial Williamsburg

MoonPie Facebook Engagement - Increased PTAT 4,784% in 100 Days!

Web Development Experience in HTML & WordPress

Constructed a Photo Booth for the Social Media Age

Created a Reputation Management Product...

...and a Content Curation System

Social Media Services:

  • Content Execution: Ongoing creation of content attributes and brand storytelling across multiple modalities (blog, video, ebooks, events, infographics et al). Execution of the content marketing plan and measurement of results.
  • Social Listening & Reputation Management: Monitor and analyze social chatter. Respond to customer inquiries and/or triage and direct to client personnel for follow-up. (See our exclusive social listening and Internet monitoring products, Snupiter Social and  Snupiter Tabs)
  • Community Creation & Management: Create social outposts and communities. Manage on a day-to-day basis, including content publishing.
  • Social Media Policy Creation: Examination of all content and online touch points (email, et al) for mobile accessibility and customer experience.
  • Social Metrics and Dashboards: Establishing relevant, meaningful success metrics for social media, often requiring custom calculations and tying together multiple data sources.
  • Social Campaigns & Promotions: Creation and execution of social media contests and time-limited programs that drive subscription (likes, et al) and/or participation.
  • Social Media Audit & Blueprint: Evaluation of current client social outposts, as well as analysis of competitors and category best practices. Recommendations for short and mid-term improvements and optimization.
  • Social Media Strategic Plan: Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for social media program, including ties to business outcomes, resourcing, outpost planning, metrics, tactical ideas.
  • Influencers ID & Outreach: Find and approach bloggers, customers, fans, and online influencers, encouraging them to write about clients’ products.
  • Social Crisis Plan: Customized, step-by-step approach for handling a social media crisis for each client, including approved messages, contact flowcharts, pressure relief valves.
  • Employee Social Media Guidelines: Working with HR, legal, marketing, and internal communications departments to create, propagate, and train employees on social media guidelines.
  • Search & Social Advertising: Creation and management of ongoing advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube (primarily).I would also perform testing and optimization.
  • Persona Development: Use client data to segment key audiences and create archetypes to better focus content and social efforts.
  • Custom Online Forums: Construction of an online forum or custom social media community on your website.
  • Social Media Training: Train your staff on best practices for each social media platform.

When You Work With Us, You Should Expect:



You are the experts of your business, and we strive to build an intimate working relationship with our clients.


When it comes to confidential information and top-secret plans, we know how to keep quiet.


We believe that you can’t value an idea until you perform real world testing, so we run experiments at all stages.


Think of us an elite special forces team ready at a moment’s notice. We don’t let paperwork or processes slow us down.